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About the IB
1 The IB Continuum [3:59’]
2 IB Learner Profile [2:52']
3 What is an IB Education [3:56']
IB Programmes
1 Diploma Programme [5:53’]
2 DP Learners are Global Citizens [1:31']
3 DP Learners Take an Active Role in Their Community [1:41']
4 DP Learners are Critical Creative Thinkers [1:24']
The Value of an IB Education
1 How Does the IB Prepare Underserved Students To Be Successful at University? [University of Michigan, Princeton University, DePaul University - 1:54']
2 The Value of an IB Education [Stanford University - 2:25']
3 Do IB Diploma scores influence admissions offers at US Colleges & Universities’? [Stanford University - 1:06']
4 How Do Colleges & Universities View the International Baccalaureate? [Stanford University - 1:08']
5 How Familiar are Universities Familiar with the Components of the IB Diploma Programme? [Stanford University - 1:03']
6 What Distinguishes IB Students in the University Application Process? [Stanford University - 0:58’]
7 How Does the Diploma Programme Prepare Students to Be Successful In Both the STEM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Math) Fields & Liberal Arts? [University of British Columbia - 1:26’]
8 How Should Students Discuss their IB Courses in their University Application? [University of British Columbia - 1:10’]
9 What Strategies Can Students Use to Discuss the Extended Essay in their University Application?[University of Rochester - 1:18‘]
10 What Strategies Can Students Use to Discuss Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) in Their University Application? [University of Rochester - 1:29’]
11 What Strategies Can Students Use to Discuss the Theory of Knowledge (ToK) course in their University Application? [DePaul University - 1:11’]
12 What Are Some of the Life Skills that Students Take Away from the Diploma Programme? [DePaul University - 1:18’]