IBDP Subjects, IBDP Core Elements & Greek Ministry Classes


The two-year IB Diploma course at Psychico College runs parallel with the 2nd and the 3rd year High School (Lykeion).  Students following the IBDP at Psychico College choose six subjects (three at Higher Levels and three at Standard Levels), from the subjects currently offered. 


Extended Essay (EE)

Students choose their EE subject and topic by March/April of the 1st year of the IBDP and a supervisor is allocated to them.  They are expected to complete their EE by December of the 2nd year of the IBDP.

Theory of Knowledge (ToK)

At Psychico College, ToK is structured as seminar sessions with students.  The two ToK assessment components (viz., presentation and essay) are completed by January of the 2nd year of the IBDP.

Creativity, Action, Service (CAS)

At the beginning of the IBDP, each candidate meets with the CAS Advisor to firm up the main activities that will constitute the student's CAS program.  Over the two-year period, students are to complete 180 CAS hours (with 60 hours in each of Creativity, Action and Community Service).  Three different activities are to be completed within each area of CAS, with at least one activity lasting for three months.  Quality, commitment, variety, and community service are the hallmarks of the CAS Program. CAS diaries are regularly monitored and feedback is provided to each student on whether there needs to be any adjustments or amendments to the CAS program in order to fully meet IBO's CAS requirements.


In order to meet the requirements of the Greek Ministry of Education, all IBDP students at Psychico College must follow Greek Ministry classes in Greek Language, Greek Literature, Greek History, and Physical Education.  All IBDP students will be awarded Apolytirion status as long as they succeed in achieving an IB Diploma as well as pass their Greek Ministry classes.